Attention: Rally photography enthusiasts, motorsport photographers, rally spectators,
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Your practical step-by-step hands-on guide to improving your rally photography and taking better rally photos

Do you want to take better rally photographs?
Do you feel frustration & disappointment with your rally photos?
Do You want to be confident & proud to show your pics to friends?
If the answer is YES then you need...

How to Take Better Rally Pictures: The Basics

This rally photography book is designed to help you improve your photography skills and ultimately help you take better rally pictures

Save yourself wasting time, avoid the frustration, and stop the inevitable disappointment when you learn by trial and error

Learn from my photography mistakes, not yours, with the tried and tested professional rally photography tips I share with you in the photography book...

How to Take Better Rally Pictures: The Basics


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How to Take Better Rally Pictures: The Basics came about through my experiences, trials and tribulations during my early years of professional rally motorsport photography.

I've been taking photographs now for well over 20 years - where do the years go? And since 2000 I've been heavily involved with rally motorsport photography.

I've still a lot to learn, (haven't we all?) but I thought it was about time I started writing about the photography techniques that work for me to help other photographers learn how to take better pictures for themselves and to help those interested in photography, like you, to learn from my mistakes.

It isn't often that I come across professional photographers who are willing to help me or advise me; they are an exception rather than the rule. We all tend to keep ourselves to ourselves and quietly get on with our own 'secret techniques' and hope that nobody else catches on.

There are very few, if any, secrets; it's more a question of learning how to set up your camera, lens and flash gun for each situation you are confronted with. That's hopefully where I can help.

How to Take Better Rally Pictures: The Basics is a unique rally photography resource designed to help you improve your photography skills. In electronic book (eBook) format, ready for immediate download, my photography guide is written in plain English (that's all I know) - all about rally photography.

I don't make any assumptions about your photography skills and as a result, How to Take Better Rally Pictures: The Basics is suitable for both beginners and the more advanced photographer and includes a FREE bonus eBook How to Look After Your Camera Gear.

These rally photography resources cover the basics that experienced photographers will take for granted, tips and techniques that lots of photographers use day to day, who assume that 'everybody knows that'. We don't all know the basics and I'm sure there are 'basics' that lots of experienced photographers haven't heard of before either, or have forgotten. Remember that 'Basics' can be advanced techniques for those of us that simply haven't come across them before.

  • Educational information, tips and techniques to help you in your photography
  • Answers to your rally photography questions
  • Perhaps you have problems that you keep experiencing when out taking rally pictures?
  • Maybe you keep turning out not-so-good pictures time and time again?
  • Or you'd like some extra advice not covered the in 'generalised' photography books?

You need...
'How to Take Better Rally Pictures: The Basics'

the complete rally photography resource gift pack

  • Do you want to improve your photography skills?
  • Do you want to take better rally motorsport pictures?

This rally photography resource is a unique hands-on, step-by-step guide to rally photography, full of professional how-to information and tips to help you improve your photographyic skills.

An excellent reference for English-speaking rally / rallye sport / rally racing photographers worldwide, full of photography tips and techniques to help you improve your photographic skills and help you take better rally pictures.

  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate photographers
  • Suitable for both film & digital camera users
  • A photographic reference full of tried and tested rally photography tips
  • Photography techniques to suit most cameras

Rally photography tips designed to help you improve your rally photography

Book review: Top rally motorsport editor Kim Bolsover, reviews our photography eBook


I asked rally motorsport editor Kim Bolsover if she would review 'How to Take Better Rally Pictures: The Basics' because I knew that she would be brutally honest! I needed someone who I trusted to pass judgement on the eBook's 'qualities', i.e. what could be improved, and also to provide a perspective from a non-technical angle, from someone who knows very little about photography.

Those of you who are familiar with Kim, in her capacity as rally motorsport editor, will know she doesn't stand for any nonsense. She insists on good written English and well-structured writing that serves a purpose. She can spot poor work, poor writing and written rubbish at 100 paces, so I was a brave chap indeed, to ask Kim to review my work. Kim continues...

"I haven't a clue about cameras but I reckoned that even I could take some decent shots after reading this guide. So, I went out and 'had a go', advancing from 'glamorous assistant' to on-event photographer on several UK National events. The results? I'm pretty amazed really. Listen, if I can do this, anyone can!" Kim Bolsover, Editor, Rallycodriver Magazine

Kim read the book thoroughly and came up with the following list of photography concepts that are covered:

  • How to choose your camera gear wisely
  • How to use depth of field
  • How to assess and improve your work
  • How to assess the rally stage for the right camera gear
  • How to avoid using flash when you don't want to
  • How to avoid using flash in all but the most extreme lighting conditions
  • How to be safe and still get the shot
  • How to capture wheel motion, and dirt and rocks flying in your picture
  • How to choose a shutter speed to match the speed of the rally car flying past you
  • How to choose the right ISO speed for glossy magazines
  • How to choose the right ISO for the job
  • How to choose the right lenses for different situations
  • How to choose where to take your pictures
  • How to create movement in your photos
  • How to get optimum exposure results
  • How to create the sharpest, clearest image possible
  • How to ensure the best possible picture quality
  • How to estimate how much film / media to carry on to the rally stage
  • How to keep both the foreground rally car action and the countryside landscape in focus with no loss of detail
  • How to lock that meter reading before your camera does
  • How to make offending objects in the background become less of a distraction in your picture
rally photography
rally photography


  • How to make the final picture look like you originally visualised
  • How to make your pictures stand out from the crowd
  • How to protect your camera from any kind of weather
  • How to provide agencies / magazines with the size of image that they need
  • How to put light into shadows
  • How to reduce shadow in people shots
  • How to take a meter reading with a difference
  • How to take high-speed shots of rally cars in action
  • How to take pictures at a high-speed jump
  • How to take pictures facing into the sun
  • How to take pictures in low-light conditions
  • How to use flash in your rally photography
  • How to use shutter speeds to capture sharp images at night
  • How to work out which ISO number, lens aperture, camera shutter speed and exposure settings to use
  • How you can keep the main subject in sharp focus and force the background out of focus
  • If you are a digital camera user, your image size may be 4 - 11 Mb depending on the camera and settings. How do you get a 60 Mb file from this?
  • Light metering explained in layman's terms
  • 'Noise' and 'grain' explained
  • Practically all lenses, particularly budget lenses, work their best and produce their most sharp images (within the capabilities of the lens), at this aperture
  • Rally photography in bad weather

"Photography isn't about having thousands of pounds' worth of camera equipment, it's about getting the best pictures from the gear that you already have."

  • Step-by-step guide through the process of choosing the photography gear to take onto a rally stage
  • How the camera can be fooled into thinking the lighting is much brighter than it really is
  • The problem with high-speed ISO / transparency film
  • Tip for cameras with auto-focus lenses
  • Tips on visualising the rally stage
  • Tips to help you improve your picture taking
  • Understand more about what the lens is actually doing
  • Understand more about just how much of the picture will be in focus
  • What do advertising agencies expect from you?
  • What does 28-100mm f3.5-5.6.mean?
  • What is a lens aperture?
  • What to carry when you absolutely must not use flash at any cost
  • What to do if you find yourself in a situation where the rally cars are flying past you too quickly

""Last weekend I attended the Coopers Pale Ale Rally in Adelaide, South Australia. Prior to attending the event I read through the photographic section of your website to pick up some tips and techniques. Thanks for providing a very interesting and informative guide." Charles Mowle, Sports Event Photographer

  • What to do if you hate flash photography
  • What to take with you and what to leave behind
  • What to wear to help you take better pictures
  • What you must do before a rally car even arrives
  • What you must do before you get out of the car
  • What you must never do on stage - this will put your camera gear at risk
  • What you must remember to carry at all times
  • Which aperture to use for a background to be softly out of focus
  • Which apertures to avoid when taking rally car action shots
  • What to use for people shots, and in service areas
  • What to choose if you're just starting out
  • Which is the best lens for a limited budget
  • What's the cheapest way to immediately improve your photography
  • Which lens will give you more options on stage
  • Which metering mode is the best one to start with
  • What settings do you need to capture a rally car in full flight
  • Why controlling noise is crucial to your digital photography
  • Why you must pay particular attention to correct metering

How to Take Better Rally Pictures: The Basics

with FREE bonus eBook
How to Look After Your Camera Gear


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Enjoy your photography

I wish you lots of luck with your rally motorsport photography. Enjoy your photography and I hope our products will go a long way to helping you take better pictures.

Neil Broadbent

Attention: Rally photography enthusiasts

Do you want to take better rally pictures?
If the answer is YES then you need...

How to Take Better Rally Pictures: The Basics

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